Customer Loyalty Program

Starting August 15, 2020 Seasons Change will invoke a Customer Loyalty Program (CLP). The CLP is free to join and you will become an automatic member starting with your first purchase with Seasons Change.

What you get…

  • 10 points for every $100.00 spent. No partial increments.
  • 100 points will earn you $50.00 credit voucher for free merchandise ordered through Seasons Change.
  • You will get first look at new products before they get advertised or get put on-line for the general public.
  • You will get access to pre-order any new product before they get advertised or get put on-line for the general public.
  • You will get low stock warnings on popular items (only on items that you have ordered in the past).
  • You will get email notification for sale items or promotions and discount codes when they become available.
  • You will get an email notification automatically each time you reach your 100 points so you can claim your $50.00 merchandise reward.
  • You will get an email reminder that your credit is about to expire so that you can use your earned credit without losing it.

How it works…

We are starting this program initially by keeping track of your points manually, so bear with us as we implement this new program. Whether you call your order in or you purchase directly from the website, all invoices will be tracked for each individual customer. At any given point, if you wish to know how many loyalty points you have earned, email Rosanne Kellogg at and she will let you know promptly what your balance is.

After you receive your credit, simply tell Rosanne you want to use your credit or call her to obtain a discount code to use online.

You can apply your $50.00 voucher towards any merchandise that Season Change offers (excluding Seasons Change services). It can be applied to orders over $50.00 excluding tax or delivery and/or shipping fees, but balances will not be kept. For example, if you receive notification that you received $50.00 in credit and you wish to purchase product(s) totaling $25.00 of merchandise, the remaining $25.00 will not roll over to the next term cycle.

All credit points expire within 6 months of first qualified purchase starting August 15, 2020.

When your points expire, you will automatically start accumulating points starting with your next purchase.

The CLP program points cannot be converted to cash and can only be used towards merchandise sold through Seasons Change.

If you wish to opt out of the this Customer Loyalty Program, you may do so at any time by simply emailing Rosanne Kellogg at

The terms of this Customer Loyalty Program can change at any time, however, all participants will be notified in advance of any changes.